St. Michael's Church

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I stopped going to church a long time ago, but when I did it was at St. Michael's. The Roman Catholic Church is giving the church a facelift and I have to say so far it is looking pretty darn good. I think it was a good time for them to do this with COVID-19 happening as there wouldn't had been too many people going to church anyways.

As for this website, I have been updating and making improvements to this site. I will never stop working on it, but I hopefully have the overall design of this website done. I am trying to make the site look professional and have the links make sense to people visiting. I am going to be adding more content and finally start improving my photography trivia game. I have a lot of things already done for the quiz, but right now it is in the background. I need to add a registration system in order for the quiz to really full shine. I will be also adding a photogallery of my work and hope to get that up as well.